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June 25, 2008

Hagstrom guitars are great

My local music store, Music Centre Canada in Camrose, has several Hagstrom guitars, and I have to say I like them. Hagstrom guitars originate from Sweden (so do I!) and the 60s were great times for Hagstrom. Performers such as Elvis Presley were using Hagstroms. No wonder they gained some popularity.

Production stopped in the early 80s, but since 2004, Hagstrom is back again and putting out some nice axes. They are not like the original ones though, but still very much worth taking a closer look at.

Many music stores these days carry inexpensive instruments, and it's easy to understand why. They are easier to sell of course. Fact is, that inexpensive guitars can be quite good indeed. Things have changed a lot since the 80s!

I have tried most of the models Hagstrom carry, and I like them all. They are priced right, and there is sense of quality about them that some of their competitors lack, in my opinion.

The current Hagstrom models are:

The one I like best is the HJ-500, although I have not tried the HJ-600. I have a feeling I would like it even better. This guitar sounds amazing, either for jazz or blues. It's on my wish list... Check out my Hagstrom HJ-500 review.

The Viking is another great jazz guitar. It's thinner than the HJ-500/600 and very versatile. Easy to play and good tone.

Perhaps the most famous one is the Super Swede. Check out the Guitar Edge 2007 review. I almost bought one of the originals in the 80s - I should have! These are now solid body guitars, and somewhat reminiscent of a Gibson Les Paul in feel and tone. The body is made of mahogany with a 10 mm carved maple top. Beautiful. It's a really versatile axe well worth the price.

The Swede is very much so also a versatile and cool guitar, with mahogany body and top. I love jamming on this guitar. See the review from Guitar World 2007.

If you are looking for a good humbucker guitar that doesn't cost boutique or Gibson prices, do check out Hagstrom guitars. They are beautiful, well built, good sounding and has a cool vibe about them. I know I just should have one, since I am Swedish myself! Don't worry, I will likely buy one soon. In the meantime, I like going to the local music store and try them out and smile at the goodness of these guitars.

Go and try one for yourself and let me know what you think!

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on June 25, 2008

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