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April 12, 2010

Harmony Central Total Disaster?

After Harmony Central recently upgraded their website, the main reaction seems to be a very negative one. Total disaster, a joke, a terrible blow to members, useless, stupid, extremely disappointing - well these are some of the reactions I've seen on the forums there. In other words, a huge outcry from members against the sudden change.

I guess Harmony Central decided to completely change how their whole website was being managed (upgrade / downgrade - you decide). Forums, reviews, news, etc - the whole enchilada has been replaced by a completely new system.

The main problem is that it is confusing to use the website. The behavior and functionality is so different from what members are used to, and frustration follows. Since a majority seem to feel this is a huge downgrade, they are demanding that the old website gets put back.

I doubt a complete reversion will happen though. They had issues with the old format, and they have probably invested a lot of money into the new site, so what I imagine they will do is to try and "repair/improve" - keep fixing and apply the band aid treatment until the members accept it (or leave).

It is quite likely that some Harmony Central members will leave the site for good - at least that's what many are saying they will do unless the website gets a lot better very soon. If they do, I have a recommendation.

Become a member of TheFret.Net - the greatest guitar forum on the Net!

TheFret.Net is a fairly small guitar forum, but it has great, friendly, knowledgable members, and it's a place where everyone is treated with respect. If you aren't already a member here, come join us. I think you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the good information available.

I do wish Harmony Central all the best in their efforts. Sometimes things will have to change, but I do think they could have managed this change a lot better than what they did. Oh well, I bet the website management team are learning some valuable lessons right now! Sometimes you learn the hard way.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on April 12, 2010

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