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March 22, 2007

Installed an Eminence Patriot Red White & Blues in my Hellhound

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted this Eminence speaker he had taken out of his amp. Since my Reverend Hellhound Alltone speaker suffers from cone cry problems, I was very excited about this offer so of course I agreed.  The Eminence speaker had a little hole in the paper along the edge, but it wasn't very big apparently.

Well, the speaker arrived last week, but I was too busy gigging to have time to install it. I should found some time then, because now I know what I was missing out on!

I installed the speaker last night, and I am quite impressed with the tone I am now getting. However, I did run into a bit of a problem. The hole for the speaker in my Hellhound is a tad too small for the Eminence. The screw holes fit just right, but it would go down flush with the wood. Instead, it's sitting 1/4 of a inch above, but the screws were long so I torqued it down pretty good without using too much force. I think it will work.

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Eminence Patriot Red White and Blues Guitar Speaker 12 Inches Eminence Patriot Red White and Blues Guitar Speaker 12 Inches

The hole in the paper is along the edge, and I don't know if it's going to make a difference or not. I still haven't played it very loud, so I guess we'll see. So far so good.

The sound is much more to my liking than what my somewhat faulty Alltone had to offer. The Red White & Blues has less of a scooped midrange, and it has more sparkle and bite on top as well. My amp now sounds more like a Fender than before.

I need to play it more, especially at louder volumes to see how it behaves, but I am happy so far. The amp sounds better to my ears, and it seems to react better to dynamic playing, like when I don't use a pick, and go from hitting the strings soft or hard. 

I also noticed that the amp overdrive tones sound much better now, and I seem to get more amp overdrive than with the Alltone speaker. I just get the feeling that this speaker is better suited to the amp, compared to the Alltone. I'll babble more on this later after I've played it more. Now I feel like I really should upgrade my Celestion Seventy-80 that I have in my Avatar 2x12...

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on March 22, 2007

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