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May 17, 2012

Hercules Multi Guitar Rack Review

A multi-guitar stand is something I should have gotten a long time ago. I certainly have enough guitars, and even though I like guitars hanging on walls, it's very convenient to have them racked up in a stand.

In fact, I now have two different multi-guitar stands, or guitar racks, since they are sometimes called that as well. The first one is a beautiful stand made by Rock Solid Guitar Stands, and it's really, really nice. It's like classy looking piece of furniture. Highly recommended. It's great for home, but it's not meant for hauling back and forth to gigs.

Now, I hate bringing two guitars on stage in a single or double guitar stand that stand up, because they easily tip over! I have played stages that are springy like a trampoline, and sometimes a band member (or myself) brings down the stand by accident. It doesn't take much to top those things over.

So, long story short - I got a light, fold-able multi guitar rack called the
Hercules Five Instrument Guitar Rack. I love it.

Why do I like it? Because it is light, it holds 5 guitars, and you can fold it up. It takes hardly any space when folded up, since it's completely flat. The most important part for me is that your guitars are safe and won't tip over on stage. The guitars sit nice and secure in this stand, and you can adjust the spacers however you want. You could have just 2 or 3 guitars if you prefer, of course.

This one is well priced too.

Why 5 guitars - do I really use 5 guitars at a gig? No, I don't. However, almost all bands I play with, there's a bass player and somebody playing acoustic guitar. This way, we just need this one stand on the stage, and this guitar rack serves double duty at home, where it's fun to have lots of guitars lined up! Better that, than having them in cases in a closet.

So there's my tip for a very useful product that will keep your guitars safe, and doesn't cost a fortune. Very light and portable too. It gets my stamp of approval.

Hercules Five Instrument Guitar Rack - Order from Musician's Friend

Hercules Stands Gs525b Five-Instrument Guitar Rack
Hercules Five Instrument Guitar Rack

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on May 17, 2012

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