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June 01, 2008

John Mayer can play the guitar

If you hang out on several guitar forums like me, you can't help but notice that John Mayer is often bashed as a guitar player. It's like some people can't admit he is a tremendously good guitar player, and I think that is because of his softer hits he wrote earlier in his career. I guess in some sense, I can understand it. I mean, he used to mostly have young girls as his fan base, so when he starts playing blues and gets recognition for doing so, some blues lovers ("purists?") frown upon it. I assume he is not "worthy".

You know what? Screw that. The boy can play! I am impressed, not only by his guitar playing abilities, but also by his attitude and guts to go from Your Body is a Wonderland to playing in a blues trio. It's also a good move for us blues lovers - he is introducing the great music of the past to a whole new generation. That is a great thing.

Mayer has great tone and gear of course. He uses some good quality equipment - take a closer look at his gear. I am sure he's just a big fanatic about tone and gear as most of us.

He is no beginner to this kind of music either of course. He didn't just pick up blues guitar after writing pop songs. No, Mayer grew up like many of us, listening to Jimi and SRV, etc - learning that good stuff on guitar. You can really tell, if you just listen.

Have a listen at Mayer playing some Hendrix:

"Gravity" is a really good song written by Mayer. Great lyrics and great guitar playing. You can tell this guy has great feeling. Just have a listen yourself:

"Belief" is another song I really like. It has strong lyrics, and features both great guitar playing by Mayer himself, plus some nice slide parts from some other (don't know who's playing that part).

Mayer can play the blues too. Oh yeah. Have a listen to him perform with Eric Clapton:

John Mayer may have risen very fast towards the top of current famous guitar players. Maybe too fast, in some people's opinion. So what if that went fast? He plays great, and he's inspiring a lot of people to appreciate good guitar based music. He writes good tunes, he plays classic tunes by Henrix and SRV in a great way. He's got good tone and gear, he makes playing guitar look hip, and he's not afraid to throw in a good guitar solo in any song. What more can a person ask for? Let's appreciate what he is doing. To all who criticize him in public, I say, let's hear you do better!

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on June 01, 2008

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