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April 08, 2008

Korg Pitch Black Tuner Pedal

I finally received this Korg pedal tuner I've been waiting for. It's called Pitchblack and it just came out. I ordered it quite a while ago but as it often is, it took quite a bit longer than expected to get it shipped. My local music store here in Camrose, Music Centre Canada, got one in this week, so I immediately bought it once it was delivered to the store.

The reason I wanted the PitchBlack tuner was after reading the specs -

Korg pitchblack tuner

Korg pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner

I started by adding it to the end of my pedal chain. I am using 6-7 pedals at a time, and they are not all true bypass. Sometimes this can make it difficult for a tuner to get a strong clean signal coming through this long chain pedals. However, this was not a problem. The pitchblack worked very well at the end of the chain. No wobbly indicators jumping up and down. No, this tuner locked into the note right away and made easy to see if the notes was sharp or flat.

It adjusts quickly to the note you are tuning, and it is easy and clear to read the LED. There are 2 arrows on each side of the big LED, and these help to indicate if the note is sharp or flat. The big LED itself glows green when the note is in tune, so you sort of have two indicators of the tuning stability of the note you are playing. Very handy and nice, I have to say.

Musician's Friend has them

Korg pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner Korg pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on April 08, 2008

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