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May 08, 2009

A Very Late Gig...

I just have to tell you about my latest gig. I guess we can call it "interesting". My friend Jaron and I had a gig up in place called Fox Creek, and it was a fundraiser for breast cancer, which meant only women in the crowd. Sounded good to me. :) This place is a 3.5 hour drive one way from here.

We were told there was a PA available, but the organizers didn't know if it was powerful enough for us to run our instruments through it, so they were going take pictures of it and email us.

I hooked up with Jaron at 11am at the local music store. The photos showed a minuscule system that would never work for us, so we had to rent a sound system. Problem was, our local music store had rented out all their gear. So, we drove an hour to the bigger city (Edmonton) and rented a decent PA. Now it was time to go north so we had time to get set up before all the women arrived to the venue.

My pal then realizes he forgot all his CDs at home. He usually sells a lot of CDs at gigs, so it's understandable he wants to get them. So, we drive an hour back home again, pick up the boxes of CDs, then head north again for the 3.5 hour drive.

When we finally get there, the event is well under way. We try to sneak in the side door while there are emotional speeches taken place, and I feel a bit awkward hauling gear while they are talking. The curtains on the stage are down though, so we head up on to the stage and start setting up. There are 250 women sitting out front, listening to various speakers and having wine and dessert (we missed the dinner too by being so late). Needless to say, we can't do a sound check.

We plug in the gear, and make sure it works at least. I have no chance to test my guitar rig, so I just hook it up and hope I will get a good tone. At this point, I'm thinking they probably want us to start playing pretty soon. We are told everything is a bit delayed this evening. We head to the hotel room, check in, make a set list and grab a sandwich at Subway. Thus, the waiting begins...

It's been a long day already, and we haven't played a note yet. It's about to get much worse. The event goes on, long emotional speeches, bra contests, an auction, etc. More than once, we're almost falling asleep since it's been such a long day. Jaron hardly slept at all the day before either by the way.

I look at the watch, and it's well past midnight! But suddenly, it finally seems like we are going up on stage after waiting for hours and hours. I brought my video camera so I set it up, and we plug in and start playing. It is now 1am in the morning.

Guess what? Everybody left! The 250 women had been there since 4pm, and after all the events that took place throughout the night, I can understand them for wanting to go home - I mean it IS 1am in the morning!

The handful that did stay wanted to dance... like we are a dance band. Okidoki, we did what we could and played some jumping tunes best we could as a 2-piece. We sucked, big time. I mean we were exhausted and had hardly anyone to play for.

So, we struggled on for an hour and a half, sounding worse for every tune I think, but at this point, who cares? We just want it to be over so we can go to sleep.

Last thing is we are getting a ride back to the hotel with a limousine. Cool, never traveled much by limo. So we wait and wait and wait for the limo to show up. It finally arrives, and we get to go to bed at about 4am. A few hours of sleep and back to load all the gear back in the van and drive 3.5 hours back home...

What a gig! I won't forget this one any time soon. Ahh, the glorious life of being a gigging musician....

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on May 08, 2009

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