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September 26, 2012

Ligro - Dictionary 2 Review

I have been listening to band called Ligro this week, and the album is called Dictionary 2. This is a very creative 3-piece band, and each member originates from Indonesia.

Read the word backwards and you'll find 'orgil', a shortened for 'Orang Gila' which in English means 'Crazy People'.

The album is overall providing a sense of fun and jamming, and there are groove tunes as well as tunes with more complex harmony. There is a lot dynamic playing happening, something I always appreciated very much. I am not sure how to describe the music genre - perhaps experimental alternative progressive jazz?

I am impressed by the creative flow of this album. For example, the band members manage to go from one energetic moment one second, to a subtle, dramatic passage in the next second. They are clearly communicating very well, and feed off each other's ideas and creative flows.

If you are expecting songs structured in a traditional way, whether that would be pop, jazz or rock, then you will be surprised. A big part of why this album is exciting is because you are never sure what to expect.

Ligro's members are very skilled musicians, and if you are looking for something creative, something adventurous, and something unique, then you should check out the band's second album Dictionary 2.

Dolphinstreet rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


Band profile (from the band's website)

We play the music as what the heart says. Music is fun and the creation is limitless. Ligro defines ourselves perfectly, we are ORGIL (= crazy people in Bahasa) because we just listen to our hearts in turning the noise into music where the exploration is endless and the transformation is rich.

Ligro is Adi Darmawan (bassist), Agam Hamzah (electric guitar) and Gusti Hendy (drum). Established in 2004 and this trio had celebrated their journey by releasing their first album ‘Dictionary 1'. Ligro has already participated in various music events not only country wide but also worldwide.

The different cultural background of each member gives more colors to their music. Adi is originally from Madura, Hendy is from South Kalimantan and Agam is a mix of Aceh and West Java. A perfect example to illustrate this cultural influence to their music is the use of Gondang, or traditional drum from Batak ethnic tribe, which is glued perfectly with the western percussion set that is played by Hendy and he plays this instrument with Kalimantan beat.

You can get the MP3 album here.

If you want the audio CD, you can get it here.

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By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on September 26, 2012

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