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February 02, 2011

Line It Up Solo by Student

A few days ago, I received an audio file that a student, Frans, sent to me. For me, it's great fun when I get to hear others play something I created. In this case, Frans had been working on my lesson Line It Up and sent me a recording of him playing this solo.

Have a listen to Frans playing this solo. I am impressed! It sounds very good. Awesome work, Frans!

For me, knowing that a student took the time to not only learn the lesson so well, but also take the time to record it AND send it to me gives me further confidence in that the lessons I provide are both useful and doable for guitar players out there. The lessons I have on my site right now are for the most time quite basic, although there are more advanced topics coming.

Remember that I also teach one-on-one via webcam lessons, in case you are interesting in learning something I haven't yet covered on my website. I can cover a wide range of styles; country, rock, blues, jazz, funk, improvisation, scales, modes, technique, harmony, ear training, etc. What I don't teach is classical guitar - I suck at that.

The advice I always give my students is to really make use of licks and ideas. When you learn something note for note, like a lick or part of a solo, take something along. What I mean is, use your favorite part or favorite lick of that solo, and apply it in other situations. Is it a rock solo? Try it over a blues or a jazz tune. Play it in a tempo and/or key different from how you learned it initially. If it's a blues solo, try it over a rock tune, etc. Get the idea?

It is great practice to learn licks and ideas in all 12 keys, or at least the keys you most often play in. This all means work of course - but hey, there are no shortcuts to being able to play great guitar. Always to try and learn things you can apply again in other situation - this means you are building your vocabulary, and are on your way to becoming a solid musician and guitar player.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on February 02, 2011

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