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May 09, 2010

Ordered a Marshall Class 5

Well, after reading about this amp, and more specifically, the comments about this amp in the online guitar communities, G.A.S struck me again. This 5 watt combo is getting rave reviews, and I'm really dying to try one out.

Not sure when I will receive mine - it could be a few weeks out still. When I get it, I will for sure deliver some demos for you.

The Marshall Class 5 is made in the UK. It is a five-watt, class A, all-valve combo with a very simple design, and with huge tone. It's powered by a two ECC83s in the preamp stage and on EL84 power tube. It has a 10 inch speaker.

Reports say this little combo sounds very old school, like the old Marshall Plexi amps. Now that's what is watering my mouth. That type of Marshall tone is the sound I love to play with. Since it's not that expensive and it's small, I'm thinking this amp could be perfect for my smaller gigs. It's still probably quite loud for 5 watts, from what I've heard.

It looks awesome too, I think!

Marshall Class 5

How does it sound?

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on May 09, 2010

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