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July 14, 2007

C.R.E mosquito gig!

Our band played at the Camrose Regional Exhibition grounds last weekend. This was my "first time out" with my somewhat new blue Fender Deluxe Players Strat and as usual I used my Reverend Hellhound tube amp.

I was surprised at how good the Fender strat sounded. I had just gotten my Telecaster back from the guitar shop, and I played it as well on some songs. The difference in good tone between the guitars surprised me a bit. The Tele did have old strings, so that would have something to do with it, but it has great pickups. For this gig, I stuck with the Fender most of the time since it gave me a much richer and meatier tone.

Another thing I did during this gig was to use my Das Fuzz a bit more than usual. I kicked it on for "Sweet Home Chicago", and it worked great with the strat. I got some saggy, rich fuzz that wasn't over the top, but just right for some dirty blues.

The worst part of the night was the mosquitoes. They were terrible, to say the least. I was waving them away as I tried to play, and I sprayed myself with repellent twice. The mean mosquitoes just laughed at that, and came at us with a vengeance.

Apart from the mean insects, the gig was fun and we ended sooner than planned since even the organizers of the event thought the little buggers were biting harder than we could handle.

Next thing I am doing is trying a new opamp chip in my Zonkin' Yellow Screamer (a BYOC tube screamer on steroids). My friend Duhvoodooman sent me a new opamp that I'm gonna put in the pedal and see how I like it. This pedal is great for bluesy overdrive sounds.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on July 14, 2007

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