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August 09, 2009

Music on Main

Our band played at Music on Main this last Thursday here in Camrose. It's a nice program, supported by Martha's Music and the local businesses downtown Camrose, and we appreciate the opportunity to play at this event.

It is a great idea, where the local businesses stay open late, and people can shop a bit, listen to live music a bit on a nice summer evening. There could be more people coming out though, not sure what is keeping people from a great program like this.

We had rehearsed a bunch of new tunes for this gig, and it mostly went well. Some new SRV tunes, BB King, Joe Bonamassa, ZZ Top and other stuff, and it was great fun to have some (for us anyway) "new" material to play.

I used my Reverend Hellhound with a Blues Driver and a Maxon SD-9, and I of course used my Suhr Classic most of the time. Such a great sounding guitar. The reason I brought the Hellhound is because it's easiest to haul around. I usually bring my Mack amp, but then I need my cabinet too and sometimes it's too much to haul around when we have to set up quickly, like this time.

This band loves coffee, as you can tell from the picture below. Maybe we should call ourselves the Java Bean Band or something, haha!

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on August 09, 2009

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