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July 22, 2011

Our Band Played At Music On Main

Myra Marshall band played in Camrose on July 22, and I had a lot of fun. The weather looked like it was going to rain any minute, but miraculously enough, no rain came. Last year, a thunderstorm came through when played this gig.

For gear, I brought my trusty old Reverend Hellhound, and I used my Hell Zerodot guitar. Weird how the names of my gear turned out! Hellish combination.

I got a lot of complements for my tone. I have found that the Line 6 M9 is a fantastic gig tool. It has all these great tones in it, although I usually just use very few of them. The Screamer with my Hellhound and Hell Zerodot produced some of my best blues tones I think I've ever had. It was great to hear people saying, more than once, that my tone was stellar.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on July 22, 2011

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