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January 15, 2011

NAMM 2011 Day 3

I only had an hour and half to browse around, before I had to leave for the airport. I did manage to test a few things in this short amount of time.

Tom Anderson guitars. Another top notch guitar builder, whom I have heard a lot about. I tried a SSH strat, a P90 equipped short-scale guitar, and a Les Paul style guitar. All of them were very nice, and I think I liked the P-90 one the best. The necks are very nicely done and it was a joy to play them.

I also got a few minutes with a Mad Professor 20 something watt amp. And, I used a Grosh Telecaster for that. Wow, that was great! I loved that guitar, incredibly cool looking (very vintage and aged look) and great sound. The amp was great - had some grit with gain turned up but could also be set up for a fairly clean tone. This rig was very pleasing to me! I also tried BJF pedals, and all of them sounded great. The Little Green Wonder is wonderful overdrive pedal - highly recommended.

I stopped by Zvex effects and explored some of their sick pedals. These guys make the some of coolest, wackiest and greatest pedals you can buy. You have to check then out if you haven't.

That's about all I had time for, before running back to the hotel to catch the airport shuttle.

I will post a bunch of photos I took from NAMM so stop by soon.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on January 15, 2011

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