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September 05, 2007

New iPod from Apple

Apple is now cutting the price on its iPhone, they introduce a new iPod which looks similar to the iPhone and there's a new iTunes version coming out.

I'm not an iPod lover, but I think I'm in a minority here. I use a Creative player, and think they work just great. Mostly, it's the iTunes software that bugs me with the AAC audio codec and the way that software works.

The new version of iTunes will download directly to the player instead of the computer. My wife and kids use iTunes so I'll take a closer look at it soon.

The new iPod called "Touch" looks similar to the iPhone and apparently the 8 GB model will sell for $299 and the 16 GB model will go for $399.

It has a nice slick 3.5 inch touch screen with much of the same touch screen features found on the iPhone.

I will soon need a new mp3 player - maybe I'll look into the 16 GB model. It could be just what I need!

The new iPod is more of a hand-held computer really, because it has a Wi-Fi antenna which makes it possible to connect to the Internet. You'll be able to download music directly to the player wirelessly. Pretty cool.

What does Microsoft do at the same time? Cut the price on their Zune of course! The price for the 30 GB Zune is now $199.

Apple is having some tough competition from Microsoft and others, and I guess we will see if Apple can stay ahead of the game. They've done pretty good so far... :)

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on September 05, 2007

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