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April 08, 2011

New Marshall Class5

There is a new Marshall Class5 in town! And, it is available in a head version, in addition to the combo.

The new Marshall Class 5 C5-01 features improved construction with thicker cabinet wood. This improves strength and the overall resonance of the amp. Additionally, a new low power mode is available to reduce the power output of the Class 5 so you can get blistering Marshall distortion tones at the kind of volume level that is suitable for a bedroom or flat.

What you see is what you get with the Class 5 - a compact, portable, class A tube amp, based on the legendary Bluesbreaker design that has no frills and bags of tone at bedroom, rehearsal or gig volumes. The Marshall Class5 5W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black dishes out warm tube tone without needing to be blisteringly loud; but crank it up and its 5 watts go a long way at small gigs!

The Class5 has volume and 3-Band EQ on the control panel, and an all tube (2 ECC83 and 1 EL34) signal path. So, the Class 5 is a real purists amp. By turning just these 4 knobs, you can go from sparkling cleans, to crunch, to screaming British lead tones without having to endlessly fiddle with scores of gimmicky "whizzbang" controls!

The Class 5 features a specially designed, 10 inch Celestion speaker. The pairing of the G10F-15 speaker and semi-open backed cabinet delivers a surprisingly present low-end whilst retaining midrange bite and clarity. If you need to move a bit more air, there is a 16 ohm speaker output on the rear panel.

Conversely, if its still a little too loud, Marshall have equipped the Class 5 with a handy headphone output for those late night jams. Marshall tube tone in a single portable unit that can be used at home, at rehearsal, at the gig and in the studio. There is no doubht thatthe Class 5 is a real class act.

Order your Marshall Class5 5W Class5 today and let it rip!

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on April 08, 2011

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