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July 09, 2008

Olympus E-410, 10 Megapixels - great DSLR camera

I recently bought an Olympus E-410 digital SLR camera. It is my first DLSR camera, and I am glad I finally bought one. This one seems to have been a good choice.

This camera is very small, for being a DLSR. Usually these kind of cameras are really big and heavy, but this one is small and light. This means I can take this camera with me to gigs and events without feeling like I'm hauling a big beast around.

I got a 8 GB memory card so I can store thousands of pictures before I have to unload them. So far, I've been getting great results of camping trips and running events.

This Olympus comes with a 14-42mm Zuiko lens. I think it works very well - it seems like a very good quality lens to me.

What I like best about this camera is the easy of use, the responsiveness and the quality. It is not hard to take good shots. I can use the pre-determined settings for Children, Portrait, Landscape, etc, or I can use it in a more manual way. Either or, most photos turn out great, and it is easy to quickly make changes to settings. The playback features are also quick and easy to use.

It is quick and very responsive. I took some great photos of fast runners with a fast setting on the camera. That was fun. Click, click, click - very fast response from the camera and great shots. It starts up quickly and anything you need to do happens quickly (I hate slow cameras where you have to wait for things to happen.)

The quality of the photos are fantastic. I have used good quality Canon cameras before, and I feel this camera takes just as good, if not better photos. 10 megapixels is big enough, and the quality of this lens and the camera is more than enough for any hobby photographer of my caliber. I am extremely happy with the photos this camera takes.

I will take lots of photos of my guitar gear and from gigs, and post the photos here on my website, so you can see what the camera can do. I am really happy with how easy it is to take good photos with this thing.

To read a more detailed review of this great little camera, check out this Olympus E-410 review.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on July 09, 2008

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