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September 30, 2011

Rock Solid Guitar Stands Review

I've now had this multi guitar stand that holds 6 guitars for about a week. My overall impression is very favorable, and I find this product more than worthwhile for us who own half a dozen guitars or so.

When I opened the fairly small package, I found 5 pieces of wood, a bag of screws and plugs, and the rubberized bottom of the stand. The small pieces for holding the guitars' neck were neatly packaged together.

I will admit I had some trouble assembling the stand. The instructions could have been a bit more clear, for an old and stupid guy like myself. There were drawings instead of pictures for each step, and I was thinking to myself as I tried to figure it out - it would have been so nice with a video showing exactly which way to hold the pieces. Oh well, I went to the website and looked a real picture, which was helpful in understand which way to turn a wooden piece.

It didn't take long until I figured it all out, however. There are very few parts to worry about, and the whole stand is way lighter than I expected. I honestly thought it would seem unstable, because it's really minimal. I will say it is a clever design, because it is really very sturdy.

The wood color on mine is classy dark red. It must be Dark Cherry, or is it Honey? I am not sure, but it certainly looks very nice.

After you have put the stand together, you have two rubberized bars as at the bottom, so this is what your guitars will sit on. The neck of the guitars will lean on an angled wooden piece, which is also rubberized. The maker of these stands have told me this rubber will not create any problems with the finish on a guitar. The rubber chosen has been tested thoroughly, so no worries there.

It's a simple but elegant design. You can fit 6 guitars in this stand, both electric and acoustics. The space between each guitar is just right - the guitars won't interfere with each other but they are not very far apart either. The result is a multi guitar stand this seems small, considering it can hold 6 guitars.

The end result is I now have very convenient way to have the guitars I used the most easily accessible. I used to hang guitars on the walls, but that means making holes in the wall, and you want to find solid studs for hanging each guitar. Many walls where I live are fairly small, and hanging 6 guitars on the walls meant spreading them out around the house quite a bit. Not idea. With this Rock Solid Guitar Stand, I have 6 guitars in a corner of my room, looking absolutely awesome and inspiring, as well as being conveniently accessible any time I want to play.

In summary, this multi guitar stand is a very, very good idea if you have 5-6 guitars and you want them easily and safely accessible. The bonus is it makes for a sweet looking piece of furniture, and you can show off you guitars to friends and family. I usually don't care much about looks, but I have to admit that my current 6 guitars look KILLER where they sit in a row! It actually makes me want to play more, which is NEVER a BAD idea!

Thumbs up from me.

Learn more at RockSolidGuitarStands.com.


By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on September 30, 2011

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