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November 02, 2008

Tom Cochrane in Camrose

I enjoyed a concert with Tom Cochrane last night here in Camrose. The World Junior A Hockey Challenge is on here in Camrose from Nov 1 to Nov 9, 2008. Yesterday, after the opening ceremonies, Tom Cochrane and Red Rider performed. It was pretty good. Big sound and great show. Tom seemed full of energy. The played some of the big hits - Life Is A Highway, Lunatic Fringe, Big League, etc.

The guitar player in Red Rider had some great tones happening. He played a guitar with TV Jones pickups; it may have been a Guild, not sure. He also played steel guitar and he had a huge sound on that thing. Very cool.

The Encana Arena should have been more filled though - it looked a bit empty, considering a big name like Tom Cochrane performing. Camrose is a small city though and getting people to come from far and wide is not always so easy.

The guy who opened for them was really, really good (Shaun Verrault). He is most known for playing and singing in the band Wide Mouth Mason. Yesterday he did a great job with just acoustic guitar and his voice. I was very impressed by his talent and his show. See him if you ever get the chance!

Life Is A Highway

Lunatic Fringe

Big League

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on November 02, 2008

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