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November 23, 2006

Traynor YCS100 Custom Special 100 Head

This is a cool head by Canadian amp manufacturer Traynor. The head is a muscular 100 watt head and it is very flexible.

The YCS100 head has a true three-channel all-tube architecture with a complete control of each channel. Not only are there invidual gain and volume controls on each of the YCS100's channels - the same goes for a three-band eq, tone shaping, boost level, effects and reverb settings.

Four EL34's power the YCS100, and there are two user switchable power levels, a 100 watt class AB mode, and a class A configuration at 30 watts - perfect for recording or smaller gigs and for practice.

Traynor Custom Special 100

There is also a "preamp send/power amp return" for line-in effects, plus a side chain effects send with individual effects return level controls for each channel.

The YCS100 has a Master volume, Presence and Resonance control and these work globally for all channels. The resonance control makes it easier to dial in and customize the bass response from the amp.

An XLR direct output with speaker simulation is a cool feature which is handy for feeding into a PA for live gigs or for recording direct.

Another great feature is a headphone out with speaker simulation, and it also has it's own volume level control which is not dependent on the amp's master volume.

It comes with a foot switch with a fourth button, one that controls the overall master lead boost - perfect for getting that extra volume for leads.


I haven't played this amp yet myself, but I hope to get the chance soon. Traynor make solid guitar and bass equipment, and their pricing is usually very competitive. Long & McQuade stock their stores with Traynors, so I should run into one these babies soon and take it for a test drive.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on November 23, 2006

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