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June 08, 2014

Understanding Tube Amps - Review

This book by Dave Hunter provides a good insight into different kinds of tube guitar amplifiers, their differences in design and construction.

You will find many valuable photos of the inner workings of classic vintage guitar amps, and Dave provides explanations of their circuits.

Especially cool are the interviews with amp wizards, especially the interview with the late Ken Fischer of Trainwreck amps.

Book description: There's a huge amount of hype and mythology surrounding tube amplifiers in the guitar world. For years, experts have argued over the tiny details of exactly how they do what they do, and how their various components interact. What's undeniable is that, far more than being just a "loudness booster," the unique combination of tubes, capacitors, resistors, and transformers in these amps can contribute enormously to the quality of sound derived from any electric guitar. In this thorough and authoritative book, Dave Hunter cuts through the marketing hyperbole, and the blind faith, and supplies all the information you need to choose the right amp, and get the best from it.

The book also features exclusively conducted, in-depth interviews with leading figures in the tube amp-building world including Ken Fischer, Mark Sampson, and Michael Zaite and even provides full instructions on how to construct your own high-quality tube guitar amp from scratch.

In summary, this book is a great companion for those of us who love vintage tube amps. Don't we all?

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You can order the Understanding Tube Amps Book by Dave Hunter from Amazon.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on June 08, 2014

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