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September 13, 2008

Vox VT amps

Vox just came out with a new series of Valvetronix â„¢amps called VT Series amps. Models are VT15, VT30, VT50 and VT100. It looks to be a perfect continuation of the great ADxxVT amps, which had 11 models not much for storing settings. The VT amps have 22 amp models and 12 effects. The reverb is said to be very good sounding.

With 3 banks for each amp model, you get a whopping 66 preset programs. There are 8 programs you can save for yourself - should be enough for most people - plus they are footswitchable.

The VT amp also has song presets, where the tones are set up to simulate the sounds of some famous guitar players.

Vox VT amps 

The ADxxVT amps got a lot of complaints regarding the line-out option. It didn't have any good speaker emulation feature, and I have always found the sounds out of line-out were pretty bad, whether using headphones or straight into a recording device. The VT amps changes this, thank you Vox! These amps have a built-in speaker emulated headphone/line-out jack which will improve the direct recording sounds tremendously, compared to the original Valvetronix amps.

The VT amp has the power level control, just like the first Valvetronix. This is a great feature and these amps will sound great even at low volumes.

The VT50 and VT100 have an external speaker output, in case you want to use a bigger cabinet. The VT100 also has an effects loop.

The footswitch is not included with the amp. That always bugs me - why don't amp manufacturers include a footswitch these days? I guess it's so the can make it seem like the amp is very inexpensive... since these footswitchs usually cost a bit.

Vox VFS5 foot controller 

I have yet to try this amp myself, but I will seize any opportunity I get to try one out! The 22 amp models have me very interested. I am expecting this amp to sound even better than the first Valvetronix amps, which I do like A LOT.

22 amp models on the Vox VT

The Vox VT amps are supposed to be available sometime late 2008, and expected prices are $280 for the VT15 and $375 for the VT30. Sounds like this could be another winner from Vox!

Read more on the Vox VT amp website.


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By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on September 13, 2008

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