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August 29, 2007

Youtube feedback & comments

Most of you probably know that I post videos on youtube as well as here on my site. I do that as a way of "spreading the word" about my website. After all, youtube is the number 1 video site as of current.

It has been interesting to view the comments on my videos over the last year or so. I get all sorts of comments, and I do my best to try and read them all, unfortunately that means the spam as well.

Most people commenting are really nice. They compliment my on my playing, my sound or the way I teach a certain topic or song.

Many want me to play complete songs, and I often get requests like "please send me the tab for [..]". I don't have much tab of anything I ever do, since I have a good ear and learn everything that way. I encourage everyone to work on this. It's so much more useful and better than reading tab.

Sometimes, I get people arguing with each other in the comments of a video of mine. I find it quite amusing, and I usually don't remove those comments. After all, if I can be the source for a heated discussion between people who are interested in what I do, I'm all for it as long as the discussion is somewhat civilized.

It's also interesting to watch what happens when someone attacks me. They might say "you suck, you loser", or "learn to play before you try to teach", etc. Usually, I get some people defending me, and they defend me really good. That's so nice of people to take the time to defend me! I don't get discouraged by negative comments. Everyone is different, and I know not 100% of all youtube viewers will love everything I do. That's okay.

Spam is getting worse on youtube though. It's really annoying for me. There is a somewhat new feature available now where a person can give thumbs down to a bad comment, or mark it as spam. Still, the comment hangs around and that really sucks to have to go and remove these stupid comments about nudity sites and whatnot. I wish youtube could come up with a better solution. There is an option as a publisher to set comments to be moderated, but it still requires me to sort through the junk and approve the real comments and delete the bad ones. Youtube - come up with a better solution, please!

This brings me this question to you: do you think I should continue posting videos on youtube? I don't really need to - in fact I don't post all of my videos there because I want people to hang out on my site instead of over there.

The other question I have: should I add a comment feature to my videos and video lessons here on my site? I have a feeling I should, so viewers can comment or ask a question related to the video right as they are watching it.

What say ye?

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on August 29, 2007

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