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April 22, 2009

Youtube Guitar Lessons

So, I have decided to use Youtube as the main source for my guitar lesson videos from now on. I've been using Revver for quite some time, but that ain't working to well anymore. Too many problems with Revver means I'm fed up with their service.

Don't know what happened to Revver. Well I know they wre acquired by LiveUniverse, and ever since - things have sucked big time over at Revver. Uploading videos often result in errors, getting a video approved takes several days, the site is down half of the time, etc. Enough of this! Ok, rant over.

So youtube, here I come. I have a good HD video camera now, and youtube supports HD video, which is really great. That means you can watch future guitar lesson videos by me in fantastic quality on youtube. I have also figured out a way to embed the youtube videos on this site in HD version. The drawback is the videos don't fit into the width of the design of this website, so I guess I will have make the website layout wider to accommodate for this.

My youtube channel is at youtube.com/user/rotren - feel free to subscribe!

One drawback with abandoning Revver in favour of youtube (the only drawback really), is that there won't be an option to download my videos any more. Youtube doesn't have such a feature, and considering how huge the HD videos are, that's probably just as well.

I have had a busy winter and my guitar lesson productivity has been low. I have had so many other irons in the fire. This year should be better. I'm finishing a room in the basement, which I will use as a studio where I can record videos and music. However, until this is finished, there may not be so many new videos, but hang in there - good things come to those who wait!

Since I started with my little guitar lessons a few years ago, many other have started to do the same thing on youtube. The "competition" has grown incredibly.

Today, I looked at the number of subscribers to my youtube channel, and it's at currently 4,649. That's amazing to me - that so many people are interested in my little guitar videos! I'm flattered and glad that people enjoy checking out my videos.

Hopefully, my subscribers and viewers will enjoy all the future HD guitar videos I am planning to post. I just bought a new external hard drive so I can store all these huge files that the HD format produces.

Oh by the way, a question for you. What do you enjoy more - the guitar lessons I make, or the gear demos (pedals, amps, guitars) I do?

Here is an HD video demo of the Cool Cat Distortion and the Maxon SD-9. It should now play back in High Definition.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on April 22, 2009

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