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: TC Helicon VoiceLive 2
: creekster52 May 14, 2014, 12:33:22 AM
I have been frustrated lately with finding local musicians who have similar interests, and weary of all the baggage that goes along with starting a band and then keeping it going. I have had a account for a long time and have not had much luck making any contacts there, so I have been thinking lately of going solo. I feel this may make good sense for me, and for obvious reasons, it is much easier to find gigs for one person than a full band.

I do NOT want to go the "backing track" route. I always felt that was pretty cheesy, and not very artistic. I have never liked doing straight covers anyway. But, a way to add vocal harmonies would be a very helpful tool.

The TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 would be great for this. At $799 may be a little too pricey for me, but I'm not ruling it out. The thing I like about this unit is that you can choose the gender of the harmony vocals, and it can add two part above pitch and one below. (

If anyone has experience with this unit, or similar units, I would appreciate your opinions. Also if you know of similar units that are more affordable.
: Re: TC Helicon VoiceLive 2
: zagatron1 May 14, 2014, 01:15:21 AM
Those TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 units have dropped in price (a tad) since the VoiceLive 3's came out. I saw one at the friend for $399.99 (restock). Then again, what about the TC-Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT? I've seen the demos out of curiousity, but personally I haven't dealt with those kind of devices. Me? I had a account as well and I just bailed out. Been by myself too long. BTW, I don't care for the "straight covers" route either. Guess I'll stay in the "pretty cheesy, and not very artistic" category for now. :D  The shoe fits. ;)