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: A unique cure for all ailments
: ninaz July 10, 2014, 01:51:07 AM
When we are on the search of a suitable place for treating various ailments of the body our hunt ends at  Kerala Ayurvedic center ( and this state has its share of world famous ayurvedic centers and one can choose from a wide array of choices across the state. Ayurveda in Kerala is considered as a science of life and dedication and is still in the mainstream and people treat this field of medicine with the same credibility as when it was initially being used and then it was the only resort for those affected with various diseases. Kerala is the land blessed with a climate suitable for the natural medicines to work with its maximum potency as the air is always humid throughout the year and during the monsoon the body can reap all of the benefit of the herbs as the surroundings temperature and climate fits best for treatment. Ayurvedic centers across Kerala have the advantage of having the soil fit to grow all the medicinal plants required for treating various diseases and for this purpose to the climate favors their growth and hence the practitioners will not have to go anywhere for the preparation of the medicines. The moisture laden atmosphere is ideal for the treatment regimen in the ayurvedic centers and the abundance of vegetation in Kerala is the home of the world’s most powerful natural medicines some of which are waiting yet to be discovered. Being the oldest healthcare system in the world it follows a unique mode of treatment and is closely linked to our lifestyle and diet.
: Re: A unique cure for all ailments
: Vladan July 10, 2014, 08:48:09 PM
Oh, no, man, you're all wrong. Marijuana is a the cure for everything, aren't you reading all the news?
: Re: A unique cure for all ailments
: DetroitBlues July 12, 2014, 09:14:32 AM