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: ATTYA(N) All The Things You Are (Not)
: Vladan December 20, 2016, 07:53:55 AM

Since this is "Recording Studio" sub forum, couple of words ...

I'm out of PC since end of September. so I had to resort to some, more less, old fashioned procedures, albeit on, more less, modern devices.

So, instead of ...

- ... a DAW with unlimited number of tracks, FX, processors, EQs, ... 
I used 4 track recorder on an iPhone 4, without any FX, processing,

- ... plugging guitar straight into mixer, going to  DAW, applying FX, EQ, ... amp sims, ... post festum, in the mix,
I plugged into Guitar FX Box, going to iPhone (via mixer), without further processing ..

- ... filming my car rides (dash cam, phone, glasses), or playing guitar (web cam), editing the footage and adding music to it
I filmed everything by Android phone, bounced music from iPhone and joined it there ...

All apps used, both iPhone and Android, are freeware, or trial versions.

Video actually shows the signal path from Guitar to FX to Mixer to iRig (analog) back to mixer to earphones and speakers.
Also are shown devices I did not use, like Roland GI20, Behringer BCA2000, AKAI LPD8, Sony DAT, Teac cassette deck,
Terratec D88 audio card, ...
: Re: ATTYA(N) All The Things You Are (Not)
: Vladan December 26, 2016, 04:50:18 AM
And here's the direct link to YouTube