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Re: Lucky
« Reply #15 on: January 16, 2012, 10:41:37 AM »
i suspect also, that i am in the same boat as alot of people, when it comes to retirement.
i never saved for it because i never made the kind of money that would allow it.
i've had to fight and kick for every dollar i ever got. and as soon as i got one, it fed or clothed one of the kids, or paid a bill that was past due, and a few toys here and there, nothing extravagant.
even if i was healthy, i'd have to work until my arms fell off, and then live on catfood in some roach infested apt somewhere.
tbo, i've always wanted to punch people who go on and on about saving for retirement, as if it was some responsibility that i've ignored.  i did save for retirement. against my will.  it's called social security. i never told the government to raid those funds to pay for other stuff.  but when my turn to collect it comes back, it won't be there. the entire thing was/is outta my hands.
cest la vie