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Author Topic: Fractal Axe FX11  (Read 13200 times)

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Re: Fractal Axe FX11
« Reply #15 on: February 17, 2012, 05:26:50 PM »
i have noticed with premier guitar, DB, that they want to push the envelope with music sometimes. some of their lessons-or editor columns-that have tab in them, i got curious...since i don't read notation, a couple months ago, i watched one of their vids of the 'lessons'. whatever the guy was trying to transmit to me, i don't think it sounded all that great.

i'm stuck in fuddy duddy land :)

MLJ, ever get down your road? we had 3.5 inches (about same 120mm) a few days ago, and i like to got stuck in my car.

Hey Reb, Yeh we ended up getting close to 400mm did not go to work for 4 days the causeway was damaged, they have it open now but only one lane until they build new bridge.
I have a Hi-Rider Pickup truck but no way would I attempt a crossing while in flood, some people try but they usually end up washed away ::)