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Author Topic: the John Cowan Band  (Read 2817 times)


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the John Cowan Band
« on: February 11, 2012, 08:44:12 PM »

this was the only link i could find that had some sample music (which i can't listen to, since i'm bang up against my data limit for the month).

having finished my chores, and eaten, i turned on the tv to see what was on. i was going to read a sandford book, but...i saw these guys on pbs ('song of the mountains') and i thought 'another bluegrass band...'. then i saw that the big guy had a fender jazz bass-not a 'normal' thing you see with bluegrass....and i listened....they did some moody blues, some charlie parker, some merle travis, and they did them well, too...and i never heard anyone make an acoustic flattop martin do what the guitar player did.

thought you might enjoy them.