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Beginning blues guitar

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Guitar Lesson Overview

Here is slow blues shuffle in the key of E. This type of shuffle rhythm is great to build upon. In this free lesson, we do just that, by adding two great sounding blues licks at the end of each bar. Download the PDF with Tab, or the Guitar Pro 5 or Guitar Pro 6 files below. It is a great helper to have Guitar Pro as you are learning from my lessons, since you can then both see and hear the notes on the screen as they are being played. Let me know how you like this free lesson! If you found this useful - you could hit the donate button below to support what I'm doing.

Here are the Guitar Pro files and PDF with Tab/Notation:
Slow Blues With Groove NOTATION Files

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Comments on this video lesson:

maurice england said...

As usual Robert, this video was very informative and the production excellent.

Comment added on October 18, 2013
Barrelhse said...

Thank you, Robert. I thoroughly enjoy these lessons. I love these these powerful little licks- it's fun to accumulate a bunch in the same key for back-porch pickin'.

Comment added on September 28, 2012
Robert said...

jrock, no I haven't done any Travis picking lessons yet. Yeah, John Prine is great.

Comment added on June 07, 2012
jrock said...

do you have any travis picking lessons? i love john prine.

Comment added on June 07, 2012
stan said...

like your guitar robert, i still have an original hagstrom viking from 1966 that i got as my 1st electric, looks just like yours except in 1966 the headstock was different, headstock was fenderish with tuners all on the top

Comment added on April 27, 2012
Victor Raul Cifuentes said...

Thanks for posting this lesson Robert, you make the blues very easy to play...

Comment added on April 07, 2012
Fahmi said...

Dear Robert, it's awesome.. i like it

Comment added on March 16, 2012
Ted said...

You are the one

Comment added on March 01, 2012
Richard Pope said...

Thank you Robert. I really appreciate your ability to communicate the lesson in a very understanadable way. I reall enjoy the slower lessons like this one. Please keep up the good work. Rick

Comment added on February 10, 2012
Tom Balm said...

Great! Sounds good and is very useful. You are a very good teacher radiating te fun of playing guitar. Nice camera angle at the on the left hand at the end of the video. Thanks! Keep on going.

Comment added on January 13, 2012
Bill said...

Thanks for the great lesson, I love blues rhythm and pick up great stuff from this site. I'm learning alot.

Comment added on January 01, 2012
Thijs said...

Great lesson. Pure Blues !!!
Nice to see an other player on a Hagstom. I own a black Viking Deluxe. awsome guitar.

Comment added on December 16, 2011
Bob said...

Nice, easy and relaxed lesson and one really gets the feel that is put into each note. And yes from just this, one can add a lot to it or just perhaps a double stop here and there.

Comment added on November 11, 2011
Rod said...

thankyou your lessons are so easy to understand , plus you play them slow so their are easy to figure out

Comment added on October 28, 2011
Meega said...

Dear Mr. Robert Renman, Your riff so nice & useful. we have learn more riffs from you.

Comment added on July 17, 2011
Tohota joel said...

WWWow!! Its so cool and soft. 10 times thanks.

Comment added on June 05, 2011
Dusty Rhodes said...

Wow! Robert that was a great lesson! The foot-tapping technique was invaluable. I was never taught that 30 years ago when I was a teenager and that is probably why my interest waned over the years. Now that I have started to learn the guitar again that technique will help keep my interest and make learning more fun! Thanks again my man!

Comment added on April 29, 2011
edu said...

Nice shuffle!!! Thank you for your time and you knowledge!

Comment added on April 22, 2011
Dave said...

I like your lessons and I have learned many rifs from you, Thanks, Dave.

Comment added on March 15, 2011
jim Card said...

been in the hospital for a couple of months. big toe on left foot amputated.....diabetes.....excellent blues riff for a nice jam thanks for the confidence...also check out Randy

Comment added on December 09, 2010
Robert said...

Thanks John, Pain, Mick, Micheal, gromek, John, Bjorn! Glad you enjoyed it!
PAIN - Please do link to my site from as many websites as you wish!

Comment added on September 03, 2010
john said...

yet another excellent lesson robert. you're clearly an accomplished player and a great teacher. i've recently received your 2 dvd's and am really enjoying that stuff. thanks and keep up the great work john

Comment added on September 03, 2010
Bjorn Heivers said...

Step by step, another good one.. Spiced up my 12 bar for sure!
Thanks Robert

Comment added on August 16, 2010
PAIN said...

Robert, Smooth lesson, something to really grove to & ad-lib with, I love it 1
Your generosity is wonderful.
Can I put a link to YOU on MY web stuff please.

Comment added on August 12, 2010
Micheal A Wagnon said...

Again you have posted a great and interesting lesson. I enjoyed this blues lick. Thanks

Comment added on August 11, 2010
mick davidson said...

Robert, excellent lesson, easy to follow and the explanation of the last part was easy to follow. Cheers.

Comment added on August 11, 2010
gromek said...

Hi Robert,
though this is in fact a very basic lesson it's a very good one as well - mainly because you take your time and stress the rhythmic aspect by exactly counting the beats and offbeats. Timing just cannot be overrated as you can sound amazing playing slow (but in time) whereas you can sound terrible playing fast (even the correct notes) while missing the beat. So I'm glad you put your finger to this.

Comment added on August 11, 2010
John Stanley said...

Wow....that was so cool sounding and, easy to learn thats the best part. Definitley one of my favs. Thanks a bunch Robert. Love your lessons.

Comment added on August 10, 2010

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New Course - Comping with Triads -

Learn 6 common chord progressions.

NEW - T-Bone Walker Lesson

"You are simply the best teacher on the internet. Always cool, explain things well, and relevant stuff for beginners to advanced players. Even my kids are into your lessons now!"

I was chosen as the 2013 Next Top Guitar Instructor at Truefire!