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Funky Blues Lick with Sweeping

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Guitar Lesson Overview

I am trying a new camera angle again. Let me know what you think.

This lick is cool. Very funky and a little bit like a horn player might play. It works great over an E minor or E7 chord. It uses the E blues scale with the addition of the 6th of the major scale. I love using 6ths when I improvise. To find the 6th, you simply play the major scale, counting each note. The first note is 1. So in E, that would be E=1, F#=2, G#=3, A=4, B=5 C#=6, D#=7. So the 6th is C#. Just add that one note to the E blues scale. Enjoy!

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Comments on this video lesson:

Ed Wever said...

Great lesson (as usual from your site), but that camera angle? No, No No.

Comment added on November 14, 2014
paul said...

nice lick but could not see a thing bad bad camera angle stay with what works .

Comment added on January 17, 2014
yoddy said...

keren euy robert

Comment added on March 19, 2013
Max said...

Great lick Robert...thumbs down on the angle though. Ever try to read a book from it's backside?

All due,


Comment added on February 01, 2013
stan said...

love the groove and the lick, good stuff,

no love for the camera angle,

sadly can't see what your fingers are doing

Comment added on November 16, 2012
Tim Mulford said...

Great lick and lesson, but sorry not a fan of this angle at all. Love your lessons and posts etc cheers Tim

Comment added on October 26, 2012
Will Patching said...

Keep it simple Robert - I liked the way you were doing them before you started testing new angles. Very funky lick though!

Comment added on October 12, 2012
Bob said...

I guess all these comments says it all. To show this angle after you have explained the notes and chords may be a better idea. Keep em coming though as this is a great lick.

Comment added on June 08, 2012
Bill said...

Don't really like this angle. Hard to tell what is really going on.

Comment added on May 20, 2012
Mike said...

Dont like this angle at all. Your original angles were the best. It is nice to experiment, but the old adage is true,, " if it aint broke than dont fix it!".

My two cents.

Love your stuff and have purchased in the past. Looking forward to your future products.

Comment added on May 11, 2012
Matt said...

Nice lick!! If the camera had a little more of the fretboard I think it would be easier. Also, please consider using the note names and degrees for each note when you slow it down to show it, perhaps one way then the other. Awesome lick, thank you.

Comment added on March 18, 2012
Rick Watts said...

The camera angle is not helpful at all. The angle Anthony uses from Stevie Snacks is right on. Recheck his angle & you will see the difference.

Comment added on March 16, 2012
Ray said...

Hello Robert,

I find this camera angle to be obscured by your hand and it's difficult to distinguish which fingers are hitting what notes. Thank you so much for sharing these valuable lessons!

Comment added on October 28, 2011
Ed Koval said...

Hi Robert. Great lick, but I agree with others that the camera angle is not helpful. Also,could you provide a lesson on the rhythm approach/chords you use on this?



Comment added on September 18, 2011
collwila said...

Just joined youe site today although I've used a lot of your stuff on youtube previously.The camera angle is not helpful. I can easily figure this lick by ear but on some more complex ones we must see the face on view to figure out the notes

Comment added on August 09, 2011
Tom said...

Robert ...

Your not a fast learner are you?

We told you the last time when you were expermenting the camera angles, it's # 4 !!!!

This angle sucks!


Comment added on August 05, 2011
DirkJefferson said...

I love the new angle a lot - I think it is the best, and the most natural to watch because it is like watching my own hands play.

It does obscure the geometry / fretboard-pattern of the lick -- the original front image tends to be good as a shape-mnemonic. I wonder if you could use the new camera angle for 90% of duration of the video, but give one or two run-throughs using the traditional front angle?

On the other hand, changing camera angles may prove to be confusing or disorienting to watchers -- in which case stick to your new "player's eye" vantage.

Comment added on July 16, 2011
Cluie said...

Robert, you know this is a terrible camera angle - so I'm wondering what your really up to putting up a video like this? A new marketing idea? Let me know how your response rate on this was. I liked the lesson though and would like to see it again with a good view. I really respect your playing ..... nice chops on the lick.

Comment added on July 02, 2011
Kim said...

Lose the camera angle - it's awful - can't see your fingers.

Comment added on June 10, 2011
Steve Haig said...

This angle doesn't help at all.. I can appreciate you trying to improve your lessons but you dont want people thinking about a camera angle instead of the content

Comment added on May 19, 2011
Roberto said...

Hi Robert. I prefer traditional camera angle. With this new angle it is impossible to view finger positions.

Comment added on May 13, 2011
Mace said...

Robert-fantastic lick, poor camera angle.

Comment added on May 06, 2011
burdges said...

can't see using overhead camera.

Comment added on May 06, 2011
Ray Thomas said...

Don'tlike that angle at all. The lesson was awesome. Will you do it again using the conventional syle. Maybe those who like the new angle would be satisfied with a compromise by doing a split screen of the conventional angle and the new angle. Keep up the good work

Comment added on April 30, 2011
Louis vedros said...

Robert, Love the lick ! However I agree with others the ols camera angle is better!

Comment added on April 08, 2011
Donatus said...

Hello Robert,

I like the lick but the good old camera postion is
much better. It is very difficult in this positon to see what's going on on the fretboard.

Comment added on April 06, 2011
Gatofranco said...

Nice lick. Bad angle. Use the ones we already know. This angle would have to include your sense of touch to be useful.

Comment added on April 04, 2011
clair said...

Great lesson but I don't like the camera angle

Comment added on April 04, 2011
roger sieracki said...

I don't particularly like this angle. However, if the camera was a little higher, over the top of the fretboard it might be good. Perhaps you could try that. Great lesson.

Comment added on April 03, 2011
Eric said...

Don't like the camera angle much - perhaps the camera should be further forward and looking backwards. However, I thought your commentary sounded better than before.

Comment added on April 03, 2011
Miami-Ace said...

Well, I realize that the camera angle is an experiment. I applaud you, Robert, for being open-minded about seeking improvements. But, for me, this angle is bad news.
The great value of the conventional, straight-on view of the fretboard is that it gives a student a VERY CLEAR look at everything going on with the fretting. If the student can see everything, then it's (relatively) easy to reproduce it.
I think there are two great views: The straight-on, close-up view of the fretboard and fingers, plus the angled view that can also take in the right-hand strumming, picking, muting, etc., when there's a need to emphasize that area.
Please keep up the great work, but please forget about that view.

Comment added on April 03, 2011
theo young said...

I prefer the front view.this is not a good angle .It is difficult to see what you are doing.

Comment added on April 03, 2011
Neil Desautels said...

Robert...You are a great teacher, but this camera angle juyst makes me dizzy. Maybe only as a quick augment to standard camera, but that's about it. Like the creative thinking though

Comment added on April 03, 2011
Ric Eagles said...

I'm sorry Robert this angle is awful.Especially as I.m a lefty.Please revert back to you usual face on view.

Comment added on April 03, 2011
gromek said...

Hi Robert,
this camera angle just doesn't work as you cannot see strings, positions and finger movement well enough. The view is too much foreshortened in terms of perspective. And as someone pointed out: we are mostly so used to the straight viewing angle, that trying to mimick the players view seems to be more embarassing than helpful.

Comment added on April 03, 2011
mark said...

Very difficult to see fretboard therefore finger placement is near impossible to view. Additionally, one an not see right hand movement.

Comment added on April 02, 2011
Marc Cerrato said...

I don't like the angle, too much ghosting on the strings through the internet. That's my opinion. Sorry but the high strings are not very clear at that angle. Like the lesson.

Comment added on April 02, 2011
Terry said...

Hi Robert... I think you're on to an interesting approach here... can you try it from over your right side looking across at the fretboard which would be more the guitarist's viewpoint? It's something I've often thought over hundreds of guitar lessons later. I decided that the best position for teaching guitar to a student is that the guitar teacher should hang upside down anchored safely to the ceiling holding the guitar as normal [now upside down same as the guitar teacher]and facing the student! Picture this and you'll see what I mean! Yet to try it though.....

Comment added on April 02, 2011
Mark said...

Top view is interesting but lacks the definition of and for the explanation of how and what you are doing.seeing what you do,how it's executed is better in my opinion.explanation is there although the mechanics of it are not.

Comment added on April 02, 2011
John Stanley said...

Great lick....but this camera angle really sucks for me. Very hard for this oldtimer to follow. PLEASE reshoot this lick with different angle!!! Would love to learn this one.

Comment added on April 02, 2011
Embree said...

camera angle is of no use

Comment added on April 02, 2011
TommyGs said...

Hi Robert,
Great LICK!!
Sorry to say, I do not like this angle at all. I can not see where your fingers are landing. Without your explanations, I would not have been able to follow you. Go back to straight ahead or angle 2/4/6 from the last lesson.

Comment added on April 02, 2011
Chris said...

I like the lick but the camera angle is not particularly helpful. I love your site!!!!

Comment added on April 02, 2011
Shrekfingers said...

I don't like this camera angle. Kinda makes me dizzy looking over your shoulder. I like it straight on, just my opinion. I know eventually we will learn and recognize the side markers but I rely now on the fret board markers for orientation. Thanks for your videos.

Comment added on April 02, 2011
Embree said...

Nice .. !
Thanks, Robert

Comment added on April 02, 2011
John Tanner said...

Great lesson. Not sure about the camera angle though! I think I prefer the straight on approach.
Keep up the good work!

Comment added on April 02, 2011
Ian said...

Great lessons Robert! love them. You ask about the camera angle?..NO! am trying to walk behind the Laptop to see the fretboard!!Its like watching the TV upside down!! For years and years we have seen it the other way and I'm to old now to change!! Love the lessons though. Keep Rockin

Comment added on April 02, 2011
Thomas Nikolajsen said...

Hallo Robert.
That is not a good angle, i cant figure out what is going on. Could you do this lesson in another angle too, because it's an great lick. When are your new Rock premium lesson comming out?

Comment added on April 01, 2011

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"You are simply the best teacher on the internet. Always cool, explain things well, and relevant stuff for beginners to advanced players. Even my kids are into your lessons now!"

I was chosen as the 2013 Next Top Guitar Instructor at Truefire!