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Diminished Scale Guitar Lick

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Guitar Lesson Overview

I really like the diminished scale. It's very versatile and can lead to some interesting ideas. Here is one of my ideas. The lick is being played over an A13b9.

I got the inspiration for this idea from listening to Scott Kinsey, a great keyboard player. I heard him play something similar to this on his latest album, only 100 times more creative and better... so I came up with this simpler idea.

Try using this idea over any Dim chord in any of these keys - A, C, Eb, Gb. You can also try playing it over an Em7 for cool "outness"!

Guitar Pro file for this diminished jazz lick

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Comments on this video lesson:

Robert Renman said...

Regarding standard notation, he Guitar Pro file will display both standard notation and TAB.

Comment added on October 12, 2013
Douglas Dexter said...

Do you have this in standard notation?



Comment added on October 12, 2013
Robert Mercer said...

Hi! I really like this lick, however like other posters, the video is too fast to follow and an additional tab added to the video would sure solve a lot of problems.

Comment added on December 27, 2010
Guillaume said...

Hey, great lick :-)
Any chance you could put up a GP5 version of the tab for download ? These compatibility issues can really be a pain :-/

Comment added on December 23, 2010
Robert said...

The file has 2 tracks, one is the chords and the other track is the actual lick. Just select the track called "Lead Guitar" and you should be all good.

Comment added on November 14, 2010
E said...

Your Guitar Pro File download link for the LICK comes up with only the chord shape, not the lick itself!

Comment added on November 05, 2010
Rob Beizer said...

I really like your "diminished scal lick" there any way to get the tab for it? It's tough to follow by just watching the video. I'd be willing to pay you for it...


Comment added on September 19, 2009
Robert said...

The pickups in my Tele are DiMarzio Virtual T pickups. I really like them.

The A13b9 is in the Guitar Pro file - it's a nice chord.

Comment added on March 12, 2008
Joe Vague said...

I think it will sound better on my Joe Pazz...LOL! That high E is weak on sustain. What kind of pickup do you have on your tele neck..I like it.

Comment added on March 12, 2008
Ron said...

OK, now I'm really feeling come I don't know what he means by A13b9...that is a freaky scale...Twister said it sounds like something Gypsy..I'd say it sounds like a scene out of Star Trek..the early years. I dig it.

Comment added on March 10, 2008
Dane said...

Can you simplify how to use the melodic minor scale? The licks sound cool, but every book I've read confuses the heck outta me.



Comment added on March 10, 2008
Marc Cerrato said...

I would love to learn that if there was a tab or lesson on this. If you have one for sale let me know, I am interested in learning that diminished scale.


Comment added on March 08, 2008
graybeard19 said...

This scale is awesome. It reminds me of John McClauglin on Inner Mounting Flame when he played guitar with the Mahavishnu Orchestra back in early 70's......this has a lot of,,,,,if I can only learn the scale...something to shoot for definitely...thanks!

Comment added on March 07, 2008
Trent said...

Very cool lick. I think these jazz licks are tremendous!! I need to take some jazz lessons!

Comment added on March 07, 2008
twister said...

Very inspiring, almost Gypsy like lick.Thanks a lot for sharing!

Comment added on March 07, 2008
vadym said...

All your lessons simply supper!!!!!

Comment added on March 07, 2008

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Learn 6 common chord progressions.

NEW - T-Bone Walker Lesson

"You are simply the best teacher on the internet. Always cool, explain things well, and relevant stuff for beginners to advanced players. Even my kids are into your lessons now!"

I was chosen as the 2013 Next Top Guitar Instructor at Truefire!