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Finger picking acoustic guitar

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Guitar Lesson Overview

Here is a good finger picking pattern you can practice over pretty much any chord. In this lesson, I am using the pattern P-M-I-A, which means thumb - middle finger - index finger - ring finger. Don't ask why that doesn't match up with the letter abbreviations - I don't really understand it myself. The letters P-I-M-A are a kind of standard for indicating which right hand fingers are being used and when.

Anyhow, in this example I am playing over C - Am - Dm and G7. In my example, the thumb is always playing the root note - the lowest note of these chords. You can of course apply this same picking pattern over any chord you like. Try it and let me know what you think. I'll post more examples of picking patterns in future lessons.

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Comments on this video lesson:

Paul Desrochers said...

Hi Robert, I am amazed I haven't run across your tutorials before but I have my favorites and only so much time! Your teaching is great and spot on. You break it down nicely and present it so it seems easy. The important thing is to always play it first so we know the goal up front. So many "instructors" just want to show off, not teach. Keep up the great work - I've been reviewing all of your offerings for the past 2 days and will choose some to work on. I will contribute to you as you deserve it. I love the idea of a Skype lesson; I'm plateaued and need a bit of a push right now.

Thanks. Paul D

Classic Player 60's Strat
PRS Singlecut
Guild S-100
Taylor 410
Alvarez 5052
'59 Fender Bassman RI
Marshall Silver Jubilee Full Stack

Comment added on June 28, 2012
Robert Renman said...

Thanks a lot for all the feedback. I am glad my work is appreciated.

Comment added on February 03, 2012
Jim said...


This is wonderful! Other instructors say they wish to share their knowledge and teachings in the name of human kind and true meaning of the joy of playing music, then ask for your charge card, you just do it!! I've already sent you email but you have my full support and appreciation and I believe everyone here should contribute whatever they can to support your generosity! I tell interest and love of guitar has opened up light years since discovering your free videos as well as my faith in people. You are a great soul, Robert!! Please keep it up and everyone should support you however they can!!


Comment added on February 03, 2012
Joao said...

In Portuguese It means:
P - Polegar
M - M├ędio
I - Indicador
A - Anelar
It's definately a Latin thing :-P
Great lesson by the way...

Comment added on December 16, 2011
Jay said...

Great lesson.. this seems so simple..only problem I have is hitting that second thumb (bass) note in time.. this is the key to the whole rhythm...thanks so much for this.. I will practice til I (finally ) get it.. exactly what I need to move on.

Comment added on August 11, 2010
robin said...

very nice lesson, thanks. great easy tune

Comment added on March 06, 2010
job said...

pmia = latin.

Comment added on November 25, 2009
momchlo said...


Comment added on July 03, 2009
sukanta baruri said...

i am crazy about guitar so learn more and more

Comment added on February 26, 2009
Enrique said...

I've been studying a little classical guitar lately (I'm not a classical guy generally, I just love playing) and even though this isn't strictly classical stuff, I did notice that your thumb positioning is great from a classical p.o.v. Apparently, it helps make the bass notes stronger. Great lesson anyway. Thanks

Comment added on January 05, 2009
Gigi Vedani said...

Guys, the finger letters in Italian are:

Finger names share the same latin root, in this case English doesn't rule the strings. Music hasn't language barriers.

Comment added on August 04, 2008
Vihar said...

Nice lesson, but I wouldn't call it finger picking, more of an arpeggiated accompaniment rhythm pattern. I know these terms are often confusing so... great lesson!

Comment added on July 10, 2008
Terry Passmore said...

The letters P I M A originate from the home of the classical guitar... Spain and the Spanish language:

P = Pulgar [thumb]
I = Indice [index finger]
M = Medio [middle finger]
A = Anular [ring finger]

Top lesson as always.
Hope this helps!

Comment added on June 21, 2008
Ronald Manoj said...

Really I love to learn the finger picking and from your video its much useful for me to practice it.

Comment added on June 18, 2008
Christian Therrien said...

Hi! Thanks for the lessons.
If I may, the letter P-M-I-A commes from the name of the fingers in french.
P: Pouce
M: Majeur
I: Index
A: Annulaire

Comment added on June 18, 2008
Darrin Caruso said...

I usually finger pick 'Whatever' when I play. But these tips will help me structure my picking a bit better. Thanks
I rest my pinky on the pickguard when I play... anything wrong with that?

Comment added on June 17, 2008

I enjoy your lessons , they are easy to understand

Comment added on June 17, 2008

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New Course - Comping with Triads -

Learn 6 common chord progressions.

NEW - T-Bone Walker Lesson

"You are simply the best teacher on the internet. Always cool, explain things well, and relevant stuff for beginners to advanced players. Even my kids are into your lessons now!"

I was chosen as the 2013 Next Top Guitar Instructor at Truefire!