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Blues Lick Squeeze It

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Guitar Lesson Overview

This blues guitar lick is fairly simple but very useful. It's not fast or flashy, but it's sort of "generic", and you can reuse this lick in many blues tunes. It will work almost anywhere! It's played in the key of E, and uses both the open B and open E strings. However, you can play it without open strings and it sounds just as good. Try yourself to play it one octave higher, at the 12th fret.

When playing blues, I have learned over the years that it's more important to play strong, vocal-like lines that draws people in, instead of fast and flashy stuff, which sounds meaningless to 99% of the population. Keep that in mind when you are playing solos - a good to practice is to SING the lines as you are playing them. It will make your solos more vocal-like and likely more interesting to listen to.

I named the lick "Squeeze It" just for fun, and so that I can keep all these licks apart in some ways when someone is talking about them. Sometimes I get emails like "how you bend that note in that blues lick lesson?" Yeah, which blues lick! There's lots of them here.... so that's why you'll see my licks have silly little names from now on!

By the way, I was thinking of the how Stevie Ray Vaughan sang the song "Close To You" when I made up this lick. It's not exactly the same thing, but the first four notes have some similarity.

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Comments on this video lesson:

earl diamond said...

hello, im at that point that im sounding the same ! i would like to learn some major pentatonic outside the scale & minor pentatonic

Comment added on July 02, 2014
Ken said...

great little lesson been trying to play for about a year , picked this up fast, Sweet.. making noise boys ..Thanks GOOD JOB

Comment added on March 03, 2014
Olivier said...

Great pleasure to learn with you ! Really clear !
Thanks Robert !

Comment added on October 10, 2013
crisha mae pongyan said...

thanks robert., nice...

Comment added on October 09, 2013
Francesco said...

simple and it comunicates good feeling. thanks and keep it on. Frank

Comment added on September 25, 2013
Melvin Fiedler said...

Robert I really like your teaching method, you make guitar fun for a 65 year old, I started playing at 12, I'm retired and want to do it the righgt way. thanks

Comment added on February 12, 2013
Phil said...

Hi Robert,
More than 20 years doing what? on my guitar (don't know!) and i discover you. Thanks. I love you. Phil from Belgium.

Comment added on December 23, 2012
Hermann Hüls said...

Hi Robert, from Germany, Iam 61 years old and I try to learn and I enjoy goin on with your help. Hermann

Comment added on October 13, 2012
Adriaan said...

Hello Robert,
Thanks for the lesson,see out for the next one. Greetings

Comment added on September 03, 2012
alaro said...

Your teaching style makes learning easy Robert!
Great lesson!
Alvaro Pinto - Halmstad -Sweden

Comment added on July 09, 2012
jackblack said...

thanks robert!!fantastic

Comment added on June 26, 2012
fandy said...

mantap jaya om!! thank you

Comment added on May 12, 2012
chris said...

nice one thank you very much God Bless :)

Comment added on April 07, 2012
Alex said...

Robert, you are a consummate teacher and I so enjoy all of your lessons. Thanks for all you do, Mate.

Comment added on March 18, 2012
Marco Paal said...

Thank you for the lesson Robert. Great teacher and I practice every day!

Greetings from Switzerland!

Comment added on March 16, 2012
Raghaven said...

Thank you Robert your teaching style makes learning easy, even for an oldie like me.

Comment added on February 20, 2012
andre said...

another good techer...two thumbs up!!!to Robert Renman

Comment added on October 22, 2011
Robert said...


Nice lesson. Fun to play with Em and Gmaj chords and triads and to bring it up to the higher octave. Thanks.

Comment added on September 15, 2011
Nick said...

Great lesson Robert. Thanks for providing beginners with a way to accomplish something. Your lesson has helped my soloing and sound great over an E vamp!
It seems the tab does not identically match the video.

Comment added on September 02, 2011
robert said...

i find your lessons very precise and a great help can you possibly make a videoor send me tab s for amazing grace and i'll flyaway?

Comment added on August 02, 2011
Justin said...

That was an excellent video. this will be my first lick!

Comment added on December 03, 2010
Robert Renman said...

Thanks, James and Julienj, glad you like it.

Comment added on October 20, 2010
James Britt said...

Thanks for the great lesson and time you took to make it easy for slow learners like me.


Comment added on October 20, 2010
Julien said...

Snif ! I love your videos lessons but I'm a french boy..I don't understand !
You are fabulous !

Thanks you

Comment added on August 21, 2010
Robert said...

Steve, no I haven't had the pleasure yet.

Comment added on October 19, 2009
STEVE said...

Robert, Have you ever tried a eastwood guitar?

Comment added on October 17, 2009
dean borland said...

great vids and i enjoy everyone ;been only playing about a year but your vids are great lessons to learn from i just did the blues lick in E got it on the 2nd try;now if i can catch on to the boogie woogie/ keep up the great vids;

Comment added on September 19, 2009
Micke Lovgren said...

Hello Robert
You always have some good stuff. I have also notice that simple, strong licks that audience recognize are best!

Comment added on September 11, 2009
hillbilly joe said...


Thanks. You are the man! not only can you play well, but can teach in a way us "hard to get it" players can actually enjoy learning your lessons. Another great lesson, again thanks

Comment added on September 10, 2009
Gary L Green said...

Fantastic! These are the kinds of posts I really love seeing. Thank you.

Comment added on September 10, 2009

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"You are simply the best teacher on the internet. Always cool, explain things well, and relevant stuff for beginners to advanced players. Even my kids are into your lessons now!"

I was chosen as the 2013 Next Top Guitar Instructor at Truefire!